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Return to What’s Important

Porch Light Hospitality

A brand is reborn, taking on a new name to reflect renewed focus and clarity of purpose. Porch Light Hospitality is a beacon to those seeking return to that which is missing in their life. For many, the imagery evokes nostalgia and yearning for simpler times. Like a long summer day of riding bikes and adventures with friends, ending with the signal to return home to your mom’s one-pot wonder waiting for you to enjoy around the family dinner table. Return to the good stuff; return to simple.

Our harmonious partnership with our client yielded a rich plethora of brand materials supported by a deep, heartfelt purpose to provide others a place to return.

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Web Design and Development, Brand and Marketing
Web Design and Development, Brand and Marketing

Pack Your Bags, the World Beckons

The Fernweh Studio

The Fernweh Studio is the new insider world travel venture created by Kirsten and Brandon Dickerson, the ethical fashion pioneer and filmmaker duo. The trips they are curating span the globe and encourage slow living and sustainable design - things that we can really get behind!

Our work centered around the discovery and development of a visual identity system that captured the essence of the budding brand. There are notes of Hemingway, Indiana Jones and Karen Blixen here that give it a strong sense of international adventure.

The brand manifests beautifully through thoughtful printed pieces and engaging website.

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Dream Big

Sidekick Short Load Concrete

Sidekick was born out of a clear problem: big concrete trucks are overkill for a small job. You don’t use a sledge hammer to drive a nail. You don’t need a 20,000 pound truck to pour one yard of concrete.

In our discovery we identified plenty of possible themes but decided to focus on “the right tool for the job” and the personification of the trucks. The latter is what gives the brand a fun and unexpected angle and it contrasts nicely against the big, dumb and slow concrete trucks of the competition.

We drew inspiration from Herbie who was an energetic and loveable Volkswagan Beetle who won races and hearts along the way. Our name development led us to Sidekick which positions the brand as the trusted friend who helps the customer hero win the day. Practically speaking, our work went on to include uniforms, direct mail pieces, office materials, thoughtful newspaper ads and website.

Keep an eye out for these helpful little trucks. They’re making big dreams come true.

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Building a Brand

Lemburg House

Lemburg House is a custom home builder unlike most. They build high-quality homes and embrace the challenge of meaningful relationship with clients along the way - something that is hard to do in custom home building.

They already had a great logo mark but didn’t have a complete system to inform ongoing print and digital needs. When they asked us to develop their visual identity, we jumped at the chance to work with such a great brand.

We provided the needed system and a whole suite of useful tangible items that will tell their brand story meaningfully and consistently. Business cards, note cards, gift tags, flyers and job site signage were some of the pieces of the brand puzzle that we developed.


Party with a Purpose


Every two years the Fredericksburg and surrounding communities gather to celebrate and to raise money for an important capital need of HCM hospital. The focus of Gala XVII was the renovation and expansion of the women's pavilion and birthing center. The event was a huge success with the project being fully funded and the construction completed with great effect. Our work began with the development of the nest mark which is a powerful symbol for the cause. From that we developed the rest of the visual identity, collatoratal design and a microsite brimming with information and functionality.


There’s Something We Want You to Know

Dovetail Announcement Letter

Dovetail was formed as a merger between our two long-established individual efforts. We had existing clients that knew us as our separate companies and we needed to let them know that we were becoming Dovetail, but more importantly, why this mattered to them.

Like most, we want to be wise with how we spend money. We devised a simple and yet beautiful solution to spread the word. Our announcement letter was a combination of thoughtful material sourcing, professional printing and in-house printing. As usual, we wanted the design and materials to be an effective delivery of the important content. Bright envelopes were paired with elegant paper and typography to form the letter package that was mailed to our clients.

These days letters are somewhat unexpected - just how we like to be.


Seeing Your Child Differently

Ambleside School of Fredericksburg

Ambleside has always had strong beliefs about education and has had a beautiful story to tell. It just wasn’t being told in a way that connected with a lot of people. The philosophies and methods of this kind of education are powerful but they can also be confusing to prospective parents. We took the heady concepts and flipped the conversation around, starting with the highly emotional ideas that moms can relate to instantly. "Seeing Your Child Differently" is the beautiful idea we developed to guide the Ambleside brand story.


Emotion First Website

Starting with a simple and provoking question, the website connects with readers instantly and invites prospective parents into a conversation and journey of discovery.


Relationship and conversation are the key to spreading the word about Ambleside. We designed a few simple yet powerful pieces to facilitate the interactions that Ambleside families were already having organically within the greater community.


When we talked with Ambleside families, we started to see a pattern. They talked about the specific moment when they picked up their children from school and drove home together. Instead of feeling agitated or discouraged children felt energized, alive and excited about what they had learned throughout the day. It was this moment that captures the essense of Ambleside. This is what parents want: a meaningful conversation with their child and to know that their teachers love them the way they do.


Smart and Practical Uniforms

We researched and selected the perfect uniforms to complete the brand story.

Our Health Care Here. Always.

Foundation for HCM

Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation (its original name) was established as a separate entity with its mission being to “support the hospital”. Its founders realized the importance of the distinction between the two organizations but over time uniqueness of these two different organizations became muddied. We set out to clarify the Foundation’s purpose and give it a distinct identity to highlight the important role that it has in keeping Our Health Care Here. Always. One of the more versatile big ideas that we have developed, Our Health Care Here Always is a tagline, daily mission and guiding principle of the Foundation brand story.

Foundation Portraits-236.jpg


The new website places the community in the central role in the story. Smiling faces dominate the site and reinforce the core of why the Foundation exists: to build this community.

Visual Language

Previously, the visual identity made Foundation appear more as a department within HCM. We crafted a related but unique visual language to emphasize the special role that Foundation has. After all, the closer the Foundation is tied to HCM, the more it appears that HCM takes care of itself. HCM needs outside help to exist.

Appeal Letter

Twice each year, Foundation identifies needs for HCM and sends letters to the community. We designed a letter system to communicate the details of the needs while maintaining the strong community-building purpose.

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Pure to Table

Broken Arrow Wild Meats

Broken Arrow pioneered the wild meat business and the finest restaurants in the country have taken notice. Besides getting out in the wild and hunting, there really isn’t a way for most people to get wild meat to their table. Broken Arrow has perfected the process of harvesting wild game and delivering it overnight anywhere in the country. Our charge was to capture the essence of this strong and established brand and build out a consumer website that told the story boldly. We centered around the idea of purity -- a standard that is even higher than “quality meat”. We developed Pure to Table as the brand promise that brings the concept close to home, quite literally.



We lead an on-location photo shoot to capture the wild and pure of the natural habitat of these beautiful creatures.

Product webpage

The simplicty of the website says "wild and pure" and highlights the beautiful product photography. We wanted to show visitors just how easy it is to have the purity right at their own table.