Dream Big

Sidekick Short Load Concrete

Sidekick was born out of a clear problem: big concrete trucks are overkill for a small job. You don’t use a sledge hammer to drive a nail. You don’t need a 20,000 pound truck to pour one yard of concrete.

In our discovery we identified plenty of possible themes but decided to focus on “the right tool for the job” and the personification of the trucks. The latter is what gives the brand a fun and unexpected angle and it contrasts nicely against the big, dumb and slow concrete trucks of the competition.

We drew inspiration from Herbie who was an energetic and loveable Volkswagan Beetle who won races and hearts along the way. Our name development led us to Sidekick which positions the brand as the trusted friend who helps the customer hero win the day. Practically speaking, our work went on to include uniforms, direct mail pieces, office materials, thoughtful newspaper ads and website.

Keep an eye out for these helpful little trucks. They’re making big dreams come true.

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