Big Ideas Take Flight

"Seeing Your Child Differently"

Ambleside School has always had strong beliefs about education and has had a beautiful story to tell. It just wasn’t being told in a way that connected with a lot of people. The philosophies and methods of this kind of education are powerful but they can also be confusing to prospective parents. We took the heady concepts and flipped the conversation around, starting with the highly emotional ideas that moms can relate to instantly.


Foundation Portraits-1387.jpg

"Our Health Care Here. Always."

Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation (its original name) was established as a separate entity with its mission being to “support the hospital”. Its founders realized the importance of the distinction between the two organizations but over time uniqueness of these two different organizations became muddied. We set out to clarify the Foundation’s purpose and give it a distinct identity to highlight the important role that it has in keeping Our Health Care Here. Always.

"Pure to Table"

Broken Arrow pioneered the wild meat business and the finest restaurants in the country have taken notice. Besides getting out in the wild and hunting, there really isn’t a way for most people to get wild meat to their table. Broken Arrow has perfected the process of harvesting wild game and delivering it overnight anywhere in the country. Our charge was to capture the essence of this strong and established brand and build out a consumer website that told the story boldly. We centered around the idea of purity -- a standard that is even higher than “quality meat”.

Broken Arrow Ranch Pure Wild Meat Company-164.jpg