Seeing Your Child Differently

Ambleside School of Fredericksburg

Ambleside has always had strong beliefs about education and has had a beautiful story to tell. It just wasn’t being told in a way that connected with a lot of people. The philosophies and methods of this kind of education are powerful but they can also be confusing to prospective parents. We took the heady concepts and flipped the conversation around, starting with the highly emotional ideas that moms can relate to instantly. "Seeing Your Child Differently" is the beautiful idea we developed to guide the Ambleside brand story.


Emotion First Website

Starting with a simple and provoking question, the website connects with readers instantly and invites prospective parents into a conversation and journey of discovery.


Relationship and conversation are the key to spreading the word about Ambleside. We designed a few simple yet powerful pieces to facilitate the interactions that Ambleside families were already having organically within the greater community.


When we talked with Ambleside families, we started to see a pattern. They talked about the specific moment when they picked up their children from school and drove home together. Instead of feeling agitated or discouraged children felt energized, alive and excited about what they had learned throughout the day. It was this moment that captures the essense of Ambleside. This is what parents want: a meaningful conversation with their child and to know that their teachers love them the way they do.


Smart and Practical Uniforms

We researched and selected the perfect uniforms to complete the brand story.